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Local attractions

Getting to Shanghai

There are many ways to get to Shanghai, such as airplanes, trains, buses, etc. It is easy to get to Shanghai from any city.

Getting around Shanghai

It is convenient, fast and cheap to recommend subway or bus travel in Shanghai.

Wukang Road Historic and Cultu
Then you can go to Wukang Road Historic and Cultural Street. It is a “Chinese historical and cultural street” with 37 historical buildings, and is known as one of the most European-style neighborhoods in downtown Shanghai. At the same time, it is also a veritable "celebrity road", literary masters Ba Jin, Huang Xing, Song Qingling and so on have lived here.
Zhujiajiao town
First of all, you can go to the Zhujiajiao town. It is the nearest water town in the south of the Yangtze river to Shanghai and one of the four historical and cultural towns in Shanghai. The small bridge and flowing water in the town are full of ancient meaning, showing the miniature of jiangnan water town.
Shanghai Gongqing Forest Park
Next you can go to Shanghai Gongqing Forest Park. It is the largest forest park in Shanghai's central city with three main entrances, including the south, west and north. The north and south parks have different styles. The North Park Gongqing Forest Park focuses on the forest hills and lakes, while the Nanyuan Wanzhu Garden is a small bridge water with a southern scenery.
Shanghai World Financial Cente
In the evening, you can go to Shanghai World Financial Center. It has 100 floors and is equipped with a sightseeing pavilion. It is currently the world's highest viewing platform, surpassing the "World's Highest Tourism Hall" in Canada's CN Tower. Overlooking Shanghai, the beautiful scenery on both sides of the Pujiang River is in sight.
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